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Beacon Retirement Planning Group

 At Beacon Retirement Planning Group we believe that a plan is a powerful tool. In order to retire today, you need to have a financial plan. Without a solid retirement plan, you run the risk of falling short on income or leaving nothing to your beneficiaries. At Beacon Retirement Planning Group, we focus on helping you achieve your financial goals and dreams.

Our goal is to create not only peace of mind, but show you how your nest egg can work for you. Kelly Carter and Steve Conte will develop a unique financial plan catered to your short and long-term financial goals. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we want to help you achieve success in retirement.

The Alternative Retirement Strategy™ provides you – the business owner, entrepreneur, airline, aviation business, medical and legal professionals  – with the opportunity to use a unique financial strategy to fund your retirement NOW.  These proven, PRINCIPAL PROTECTED strategies use the power of leverage to enable selective and tax-efficient transfer of wealth into powerful yet conservative financial programs.

With three locations in the California area as well as one in Newton, Massachusetts, Beacon Retirement Planning Group is ready to serve your retirement planning needs. To schedule a consultation to discuss your financial future, contact us in San Diego, CA at (855) 346-2663 or kcarter@brpg-inc.com, in Temecula, CA at  (951) 302-5227 or sconte@brpg-inc.com, or click here.